Glazing Expertise for Schools & Universities


Over the years, more than 30 primary and secondary schools (both independent and state sector) and several colleges of further education in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire have used our expertise.

Long Compton School:


A complete upvc wet-weather playroom extension installed at Long Compton School in summer 2008.

This large upvc building was created as an indoor play-area for the kindergarten class at an Oxfordshire village primary school. The construction was completed in four working days.

The Oratory School:


The 200 foot long cloister roof installed at The Oratory School, Woodcote, nr. Reading. This comprised some 140 square metres in panels of 10mm toughened glass each between 2.5 and 3.2 metres long.

Phase 1 was completed in November 2004 under contract to Bluestone plc. and phase 2, also including all the entrance glazing and a glazed pergola roof was completed in February 2006 under contract to Kier Construction plc.

For both phases we advised the consulting architects on the glazing method which would enable their ideas to be realised.


Blessed George Napier School, Banbury:


In Summer 2005, a large sports hall was constructed on the school site (financed by the Lottery fund and Sports England) to serve both the school and the local community. Oxfordshire Glass have had BGN as a regular client for over 10 years.

To meet safety requirements, two large hardwood window frames each with four large triple glazed screens giving 1 hour fire resistant and fire integrity were installed by Cotswold Glazing Ltd.

These enable both the large side room and the sports hall to be in simultaneous use for (often) extremely noisy activities, whilst being completely insulated from each other.